Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Sunday Times, E-mail interview: WENDY CHENG

Who says I have a foul mouth?

August 15, 2004

Interviewer/author: Wong Kim Hoh


FAME and notoriety. Wendy Cheng - whose weblog was voted the Best Asian Weblog by a Hong Kong website last year - has both.

Attracting 2,000 readers daily, the 20-year-old project coordinator is famous for her kooky confession and observations
about life.

She is notorious for dishing them out in a writing style which will make a fishmonger blush.

Errant boyfriends, nasty taxi drivers, manipulative bosses - no one and nothing is sacred.

Cheng - whose mother is a property agent and father, an antique dealer - started blogging when a written diary she gave to an ex-boyfriend
was thrown away.

"I decided that nothing I write can get thrown away again," says Cheng who has a 11-year-old brother.

Writing the blog has severed many friendships but it has also made her many new pals.
She is not worried that romantic prospects might be put off after knowing her past and present. She has nothing to hide.

"If they can't accept me as I am, then too bad. One thing they should know though, I'm not so vulgar in real life," she
says cheekily.


Q: You have the face of an angel but the mouth of a fishmonger from Brixton. How come?

A: Are you accusing Brixton fishmongers of being ugly? Ha! Anyway, why must "pretty" girls (I'm not saying I am)
but all demure and nice? And ugly girls can sprout vulgarities just because they look bad? Thats a thrashy stereotype!

Q: Would you recommend blogging for everyone?

A: Blogging is an avenue for venting frustrations, so the logical conclusion will be that there will be fewer murders and rapes - which is good.

However, some bloggers might get blogger's block and be so utterly stressed they shoot their classmates.

In addition, the internet is full of bull as it is, so, no.

Q: Bloggers are sad, deluded, self-absorbed and frustrated writers. Would you care to confirm or dispel the

A: What rubbish. If you manage to scour through the amazingly large number of suicide-themed blog, you will realise that
the bulk of us are really happy people - deep down. Sometimes, I even stare at the default XP wallpaper and think to myself "Wow, what
a beautiful world we live in."

Q: So how many bloggers do you need to screw on a lightbulb?

A: Light bulb? Aren't those things already screwed inside the monitor when we buy it?
I've thought of a good one though: How long does will it take a press editor to screw on a light bulb? As long as it takes for him to finish spell-checking the manual and cutting it to length while mumbling "No space, no space" to himself madly.

Q: Do people really think you are not marriage or girlfriend material? Cham lah, like that how?

A: Ahh ... Unfortunately, yes. :( However, I believe that if I repeatedly say I am quite the perfect girlfriend,
people will be hynotised into thinking I am. I can iron quite well, by the way.

Q: Give us three reasons why Dilbert rules.

A: Just one will suffice: Can your tie stay curly the whole day?

Q: You say you love your country passionately. In 20 words or less, can you say why - despite your foul mouth and filthy mind - you are a model Singaporean?

A: Oh dear ... How about my favourite colour is pink. You get pink when you mix our national colours - red and white.

Q: You're from a polytechnic and, in your writings, one senses a slight resentment against degree-holders. You don't have a chip on your shoulders, do you?

A: Bollocks! I have nothing against degree-holders, just because they may not be as talented as me but are getting more money and job opportunities. Mind you, I could have gone into JC anytime! Seriously, I have nothing against them; almost all my friends are in university now. Just slightly bitter about not choosing that path.

Q: You rant and rave against racists. Yet you also drip vitriol over Ah Lians and Ah Bengs. Surely the inability to speak good English and a strange sartorial sense are not crimes against humanity?

A: Look who is dripping, ah, vitriol, whatever that is! Bad editor, bad!

Q: You've slagged off a fair number of people - from banquet managers in hotels to taxi drivers. Do you dread the day when someone sues you for defamation, or worse still, hangs a pig's head outside your apartment?

A: For defamation? No! I took media law in school (and fared quite well for it too) and I know what I can say.

As for the pig's head ... I guess it will come in quite handy as I sneakily transfer it to some neighbour a few floors up who once poured curry over my lovely blouse.

Q: "Half of Singapore's teenage/young adult population have read my blog at least once", "I am all powerful". Er..., are you starting to believe in your own myth?

A: Haven't you heard of Wendism yet?


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